[🌼Announcement 🌼] We are committed to supporting the government's effort to flatten the curve by restricting face to face studio collection. If you love to deliver flowers to brighten up someone else's day we are here to provide contactless delivery and put a smile on their face. In the meanwhile, stay safe!For more information please contact +6597111995

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  • Our Story - the inspiration behind LilasBlooms

    “Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” - Clare Ansberry  Indeed flowers bring people togethe...
  • Top 14 Most affordable florist in Singapore Regarded By MoneySmart for Valentine's Day2020

    LilasBlooms attained a spot in MoneySmart being one of the most affordable florists with beautiful bouquets under $50 with other outstanding flori...
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    How can I tell apart from fresh cut flowers, dry flowers, and preserved flowers?
    What is the latest flower gifting trend? Will the flowers die?
    What flowers are good for a person who is hypoallergenic?
  • Theme : Nostalgia in every bloom

    We love to call ourselves the master of the remastered floral dome in the flower industry. You may see all kinds of flower dome out there but none is like ours. Pleasing to the eyes and engineered with the perfect theme song of your choice.