Amazing Health Benefits of Flowers

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A new study shows a significant increase in the risk of mental health disorders after Covid-19 but did you know that flowers can play a big part to help us battle post Covid-19 mental health disorder?

When we hear the word ‘flower’, the first thing that comes to our mind is how abundant they are, with their aromatic scents or their many vibrant colours and now we are about to uncover their amazing benefits!

Flowers have countless benefits for us when it comes to our mind and soul. Flowers trigger a natural response inside of us that rushes through many different neural pathways in our brains, which helps us to feel more pleasant. They can help us with feeling more relaxed, strengthening our performance and heightening our energy levels, all while also enhancing our concentration and productivity.

As many people are going through the difficult ins and outs of life, flowers help with feeling a number of positive emotions. A study from Rutgers University in New Jersey has shown that flowers have a great effect in lifting positive emotions. Flowers are also one of the options that are able to help improve mood. Simply looking at flowers and inhaling certain scents from them can lead to reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  

It is often easy to let many little things fill your mind with the nature of how fast life is passing by, sidetracking from what you are supposed to be focusing on and letting you put your efforts into something less important than what you should be doing. Flowers can help you get back on track as they provide a myriad of qualities that help with centering your focus onto what is important. Such as lowering levels of confusion and fatigue, which allows people to increase productivity as feeling relaxed often helps with people who need a boost of efficiency.

Aside from being visually pleasing and aesthetic, flowers are proven to be able to provide people with good qualities like decreasing levels of negative emotions to increasing productivity. Flowers can also help build and strengthen relationships as they are usually given to loved ones to convey emotions at any time.

We will be holding a virtual Master Class on 22 Feb 2022, 12pm to 1 pm with Dr Victor Kwok, Psychiatrist from Private Space Medical to teach you how to wrap a mindful bouquet. While, Dr Victor Kwok will teach you on how to calm your mind and manage stress. It will end with an Q & A on depression symptoms and treatment.


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