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Theme : Nostalgia in every bloom

LilasBlooms Flower Dome Musical Box
We are back to delight with Singapore's First Hand Wind Musical Flower Dome. Flowers hold no secrets, for this musical flower dome, you can even view it from an aerial view making it so satisfying. 
Now sit back and let your attention be drawn as the flower dome spins itself in tune with beautiful music pieces selected by the gifter.
Our Flower Dome is highly customizable from the choice of the flowers to the music.
Listen to it in any mood and you will feel better.
You will feel nostalgic, calm, peaceful, feel yourself marveled as it brings you back to the past where you first listened and watched a beautiful musical box performance for the first time.

We love to call ourselves the master of the remastered floral dome in the flower industry. You may see all kinds of flower dome out there but none is like ours. Pleasing to the eyes and engineered with the perfect theme song of your choice.

This is made possible with our lovely partner Derrick from OKDODOO

  Derrick is the master in tunning musical boxes and has the widest selection of musical boxes in Singapore boosting about 20 different music in Okdodoo's music library which includes Cannon in D, Lovers Concerto and Castle in the Sky.

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