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“Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.” - Clare Ansberry 

Indeed flowers bring people togetherjust like how we met each other while working at a florist.

LilasBlooms was founded in 2018 by Shynn and Jasper who share a common passion and vision - to craft bespoke flower arrangements at an affordable pricing to their clients. Before starting Lilas Blooms, Jasper was a head floral teacher at one of the pioneering floral studios that taught Korean flower arrangement and wrapping in Singapore then.

Having worked at a florist together, our experiences through floral arrangement workshops and weddings have brought us closer than ever and LilasBlooms was born out of our common love for all things floral and the message of love we wanted to convey through flowers.

Our belief in catering to our client’s every need is displayed through our diverse range of floral offerings from weddings to workshops, to day to day bouquets made for any occasion.

“Uniquely tailored flowers for your intimate moments” Here at LilasBlooms, we relate flowers to a rolling film, we believe that flowers can capture the beautiful snippets of everyday life at different stages. We hope to share how flowers symbolize meaningful events in everyone’s life, and how we offer just the right flowers to reminisce those precious moments. 

Going forward, we will only continue to create personalised bouquets as our love for flowers and the smiles on our customers' faces that keeps us going. Our dedication has brought us thus far, and we are definitely not stopping anytime soon. 


From us at LilasBlooms

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