What is the differences between fresh flowers , dry flowers and preserved flowers?

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With improved technologies, we are blessed to be spoiled with more flower gifting options.
Flower gifting in itself can be an interesting experience for the senders.  
We have customers like you coming to us while scratching their heads and ask " what's the difference between fresh, preserved and dry flowers it's so confusing"! 

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Can you spot where are the preserved flowers in our Cotton Dream Bouquet?
It's the ones in blue beside a dried rose! (Scroll down for trade secrets on transforming individual rose heads into what you see here)
Do you know that the fresh baby breath can be placed in a vase for home decoration when it's dry?

Keep reading on to learn more!
We are so thrilled to show our knowledge with you!

Here's a quick guide to the current flower trend gifting trend

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers are cut flowers florists work with to create fresh arrangments.
Fresh flowers include roses, sunflowers, and gerbera daisy.

To care for fresh flower: Trim flower stem at a sharp angle with shears or kitchen scissors by 1- 2 inches before placing it into newly replaced water every other two days or when water appears to be cloudly.

You can take one step further by cleaning your vase thoroughly by washing it with soap. It would be great if you have flower food or bleach will come handy( 1/4 teaspoon bleach to 1 litre of vase water) to stop bacteria growth in the water.
Cut flowers longevity : 3- 5 days

Dry Flowers

Once upon a time...dry flowers are fresh too!
Loosely tied flowers are hung upside down at a cool and airy area away from direct heat and sunlight. Delicate soft petals will feel hard. Vibrant colored petals will start to turn brown. After the longevity period, flowers will start to lose its natural colors due to natural processing. 

Dry Flowers includes: Dried Roses, Dried Baby Breath,  Lavender, and Cotton Flowers

To care for Dry Flowers: Prevent mold from forming on the petals kindly place drying agents such as Thirsty Hippo or desiccant to soak up excess moisture in the cool area.

Dry Flowers longevity : 3 years 

Preserved Flowers

(Flowers on a stick? What?!)

Preserved Flowers are also known as "unwithering flowers". These flowers look similar to fresh-cut flowers making it hard for us to tell them apart.
The easiest way to tell fresh and preserved flowers apart is to smell it! 
Preserved roses are excellent for anyone who is hypoallergenic as roses lose their scent through flower preservation technique where it is processed in glycerin ( a wax-like solution)

To care for preserved flowers: Avoid direct sunlight or light bulb to avoid light color change in roses.

Preserved Flowers longevity: 1 year and counting 

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