snack bouquet for your girlfriend
snack bouquet for males
snack bouquet for your girlfriend
snack bouquet for males


Candies and Chocolates Snack Bouquet

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Fancy Snacks over Flowers?
Candies and Chocolate Snack Bouquet is great for satisfying S/O's sweet tooth.
WOW your S/O by giving them a mini flower bouquet that is made up of 7 lollipops and more sweets.

Great for a Perk - My Love One Up :
S/O having a bad day? Perk them up by sending them a novelty gift.
Beat negatively by filling their tummy with comfort food.

Great for graduation:
Celebrate your loved one's victory and accomplishment on their graduation day as they walk down the stage to receive their certificates.
Inclusive of Graduation Topper* 

Great for birthday:
Sweet Birthday Treat? How about YES?!

Great for Apology:
What is the best way to appease S/O's anger? Send them an array of their favorite snacks and they can never stay angry with you any longer!

Featuring Exquisite, 1 Size Only

When a snack runs out a snack of similar price points will be replaced.

Hence, the final result might not be exact to the above illustration.

Pro Tip: Make use of  [Delivery Remarks] to include your preference such as the preferred choice of colours used in snacks or wrapper colour /preferred snacks of similar price points.
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Wrapper Colour Pink

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